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 > This website is not receiving any more updates this Summer <

UPDATE JULY 2014: Free store sets list is now up-to-date!

To be done:

– Create product info pages for The Sims 3: Into the Future, Island Paradise and Movie Stuff

– Product pages will receive a design update and also some changes regarding explanations and clearer text. This will take much time and will be done in several updates


Update 3.5 – February 4

– Fixed images on the “Memories Rewards” page

– Updated the Community Links page. All images and links are working properly


Update 3.0 – February 1-3

– Finish building pages under “Games” tab

– Fix bugs and issues reported earlier

– Change layout on “Registration Rewards” page

– Finish building “Free content” page

– Change explanations on registration info pages for expansion as they were very unclear and misleading


Update 2.6 – January 31

– Fixed an issue with overhaul site layout occurring after yesterday’s update


Update 2.5 – January 29 & 30

– “Changelog” page opened

– Fixed bugs and issues reported earlier


Update 2.0 – January 25

– Updated pages: “Community Links”, Games->Sims 3->Registration now with links to under-pagesunder-pages for Games->Sims 3->Registration updated with new info

New pages: registration info pages for Island Paradise & Into the Future. Additionally, they have both been added to the “Registration Rewards” page


Update 1.0 – January 21

– Fix image issues on the following pages: Free individual items, Free sets and Branded content

– Check all links on the following pages: Free individual items, Free sets and Branded content

– Overhaul site: Correct and update old info, check spelling.

– Updated pages: Branded content, TheSimnet

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