University Life

Content you get when you redeem:

Note that you have to register University Life HERE to access this content.

1. For registration rewards, register the expansion, then click the link below to download from the Store.

2. For Origin exclusive, you should receive a code to enter in the field on the page linked below.

3.  For Limited edition, you should receive a code from where you bought it. In boxed versions, you can find a paper inside with info and code.


Mascot Attack Pack


Origin Exclusive

 Campus Cruiser Get to your classes on time and in style on this sleek, modern scooter.

• Head of the Class Your Sims can sport this classic, low-maintenance look that says they didn’t have time to do their hair because they were up late studying—or partying!

• “You Got Spirit” Face Paint Get ready for the big game and make sure everyone knows your allegiance by wearing your school colors—on your face.

• Mascot Magic Face Paint Some say painting the fierce, fighting llama on your face does not actually impact the outcome of the game. You know different. Do you want to win or what?


Limited Edition content

Get the Party Started with The Party Pack Bundle! 

Pre-order The Sims 3 University Life Limited Edition to get the Partaeus Maximus statue which allows your Sim to throw the best parties ever plus new clothing including togas, laurel wreaths, and masquerade masks.

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