Into the Future

Content you get when you redeem:


Note that you have to register Into the Future HERE to access this content.

1. For registration rewards, register the expansion, then click the link below to download from the Store.

2. For Origin exclusive, you should receive a code to enter in the field on the page linked below.

3.  For Limited edition, you should receive a code from where you bought it. In boxed versions, you can find a paper inside with info and code.


Cosmic Cosmetics Bundle


Industrial set (Origin Exclusive)

Heavy Brass Fireplace — Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, this fireplace is virtually indestructible. Unfortunately you aren’t, and moving this heavy fireplace could result in a trip to the hospital!

Factory Floor Grates — Nothing says industrial like cold steel flooring. Lay down these metal grate rugs to bring a gritty factory feeling to any room.

Curved Metal Window — Maximize lighting and your ability to look out on the grim world of the future with this giant rounded window. Its sleek yet sturdy design is sure to make an impact on those inside and out.

Forged Ladder — Why waste space on stairs? Built for the cold efficiency of a cramped warehouse complex, this ladder provides expedited access to other floors of your low-tech home.

Riveting Staircase — Safety and visual appeal all in one! This spiral staircase is just the thing to add some industrial chic to any space. Plus it comes with a rust-free guarantee! What could be better?


Limited Edition

♦ Put your Sims on Ice – Place your Sim into the Quantum Power Chamber and stop the ravages of time – and put their needs on hold indefinitely.

♦ Tap Into the Benefits of Quantum Power – The Chamber can quip your Sim with a futuristic Quantum Power Suit, enabling them to teleport around the globe or scan the world for collectibles!

♦ Put Your Sim in “Time Out” – Too busy to tend to your Sims’ needs? No problem. Just put them in the Quantum Power Suit and instantly bio-stabilize your Sims.

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