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No news for some days…

There wont be any news writing for some days now because I’m going on vacation. I will write about the new features in the new 1.42 patch for The Sims 3 which includes diving boards! YAY! Hope you will all have a great week! 😀

1.42 Patch Notes – Link to Patch

Base Game Updates

  • Greeting Cards feature has been added. Sims can take a picture using the Greeting Card feature and share it on, Facebook, or Twitter.

  • Attraction System has been added. This is a new initial romantic system that provides bonuses to socialization and romance when the Sim is attracted by certain attributes.

  • Sims can now swim in the ocean.

  • Diving Board object has been added to Build Mode.

  • Blueprint tool has been added to Buy/Build Mode. User’s may quickly place down furnished rooms with this tool.

  • Resolved Player Profile and Wall issue where clicking on a user’s name brought up a blank profile.

  • Badges earned by completing achievements will now appear on your MyPage on

  • The moon’s glow on the UI will no longer appear when starting a new game without The Sims 3 Supernatural installed.

World Adventures Updates

  • Fixed an issue where fish placed in the Sims inventory will no longer disappear when Sims travel back from a vacation world.

  • Fixed an issue where sound was getting dropped out when Sims are learning a song.

Pets Updates

  • Fixed a galloping animation issue with Horses that has level 10 Racing skill.

Showtime Updates

  • Sims must now have some positive relationship before asking other Sims to take photos in the “Gigi Photo Booth”.

Supernatural Updates

  • Saving and loading during a full moon cycle before 6pm will no longer cause the moon cycle to skip forward.

  • Feral Change buff will now expire for werewolf on various lunar cycle settings.

  • Addressed an animation issue in the Smustle dance.

  • Toadified Sims will route fail less often when trying to eat flies on counters or large tables.

  • Writing fiction book will display proper text.

  • Fairy children will no longer stretch into adult size when using the “Talk to Plant” interaction.

  • Fixed an issue where Woohoo in the Gypsy Caravan wish is not fulfilled when Sims Woohoo in the Gypsy Caravan.

  • Improved routing issues with the Fairy House.

  • Sending an elixir from the household inventory to a friend now fulfills the “Send an Elixir to a Friend” wish.

  • The “Gift of Giving” buff and Lifetime Happiness Points are now given when gifting an elixir from the household inventory.

  • When gifting an elixir from the household inventory only one elixir is sent instead of two.

  • Wall post will be created when a user opens a mystery gift containing Simoleons.

  • Create-A-Sim UI flow fixed so that the use can no longer access other Create-A-Sim menus while eye color picker is still open.

  • Fairy Bloom interaction will now work with the Omni Plant from The Sims 3 base game.

  • Sims that were turned into SimBots via an elixir will no longer revert back to human form after WooHoo in the Gypsy Caravan.

  • Fixed issues with Supernatural children genetics.

  • “Sweeten Up” interaction can now be completed on Birthday Inferno Cake.

  • Fixed an issue when selecting werewolf to transform while being struck by a witch’s fire blast.

  • Fixed flickering issue on objects after performing the “Midas Touch” interaction.

  • “Midas Touch” interaction will now be able to turn a zombie into a statue.

  • Fixed an issue with conversion spells turning inexpensive items into expensive items.

  • Fixed an issue when trying to buy a SimBot with Lifetime Happiness Points.

  • Turning off the “Spectrum Mood Lamp” will now properly return Sims to their original color.

Store Updates

  • Fixed a potential crash with the launcher that could occur after uninstalling Lucky Palms.

  • Fixed an issue where Store Set icons would appear incorrectly in the Organize Collections pop-up window.

  • Worlds can now be purchased on the Main Menu.

Sims 3 Supernatural on the Mobile!

Big thanks to Simcookie and Isims Germany

Orange (5,99€) and Jambo (4,99€ per 7 days) has listed Sims 3 Supernatural Mobile and EA hasn’t even made an official announcement! What are you doing EA?

Via Google Translate: Explore the mysterious city of Moonlight Falls, where strange things take place in the light of the moon. Lead quest to become a scary creature of the night, like a vampire or a werewolf, and Prowl in fascinating places.

The SIMS 3 Supernatural Handy-Spielcapture d'Ă©cran 1capture d'Ă©cran 2capture d'Ă©cran 3capture d'Ă©cran 4

Festival locations in all worlds

Via SimGuruGraham

Hey everyone,

I just wanted people to know there’s no need to panic and rush out to save existing lots. Any lot that we’re replacing with a festival lot will have the original version of the lot also available in the edit town lot bin.

That being said, if you’ve customized the lot that we intend to replace with a festival I would recommend saving that lot in advance should you want to continue using it somewhere. Further, the game will ask you if you want to replace any customized lot; it won’t automatically overwrite one of your lots.

Sunset Valley = Central Park
Twinbrook = Town Center
Bridgeport = Bridgeport Acres
Appaloosa Plains = The Lexington (home)
Starlight Shores = Verde Park
Moonlight Falls = Eerie Park
Riverview = “All the Rave” Warehouse
Barnacle Bay = Crowe’s Nest Campgrounds
Hidden Springs = Beryl Lane Picnic Spot
Lunar Lakes = Memories of Riverview
Lucky Palms = Civic Center
Sunlit Tides = Starfish Sands Playground

Sims 3 Blog – The weather stone

For the first time ever we have created an object that ties two expansion packs together! Players who have The Sims 3 Supernatural and The Sims 3 Season installed will get a mystical Weather Stone that allows werewolves, fairies, vampires and witches to summon their own mystical weather.

The Weather Stone will appear in new and saved games and will rise up from beneath the ground on a community lot in any of The Sims 3 worlds, expect for the vacation cities from The Sims 3 World Adventure. You can easily find the Weather Stone in your world by searching for the Map Tag in Map View.

The Weather Stone can only be activated by one of the four different supernatural characters that appear in The Sims 3 Supernatural. Each one will summon their own unique weather effects which will have a variety of differing outcomes ranging from special benefits to complete and utter chaos. These effects vary based on the supernatural character that activates it. Without further delay here they are!

Vampires will be able to summon a cold Eclipsing Fog that puts other Sims under their spell. Sims who are generally unwilling to be turned, or used as a snack, can’t help but fall under the effects of the Eclipsing Fog and allow vampires to turn or drink them.

Fairies are more adept with nature and have their own ability to summon a Reviving Sprinkle. The Reviving Sprinkle turns rain into flowers. Plants will be magically watered and fertilized, killing off weeds and making them disappear. The fairy magic doesn’t end there! At the end of a Reviving Sprinkle, a beautiful rainbow will appear across the sky.

The ferociousness of werewolves allows them to summon their own mystical powers through the Weather Stone. The Hunter’s Storm snows down collectibles onto the ground and increases their chances of finding rare items.

Witches will be able to call forth a Bewitching Rain that showers the world with green precipitation. This will make all Sims start to act a bit crazy. Sims who are under the rain will get a boost to their mood and have an uncontrollable urge to dance. Talk about an easy way to get everyone to participate in a rain dance!

The Weather Stone may only be used once per day but the supernatural summons are not always guaranteed to succeed.  An individual or group of the same supernatural may join in during the summoning to increase the odds of having a successful weather effect take place. But be warned, there is a chance that the Weather Stone may backfire and strike the supernatural(s) with a shocking jolt of lightning!

Weather Stone

Via The Sims 3 Facebook and

Dual Purchase Exclusive: The Weather Stone

Play with both The Sims 3 Supernatural and The Sims 3 Seasons and unlock an exclusive magical item – the Weather Stone! When both expansion packs are installed, this mystical object will appear on a community lot somewhere in the current world*. Witches, vampires, werewolves, and fairies from The Sims 3 Supernatural can then awaken the Weather Stone and summon their own magical weather any time of year.

Bewitching Rain – When a witch casts this mischievous spell using the weather stone, a green rain will fall on the entire world. Any Sim caught outdoors will dance wildly and act crazy, even though they are magically prevented from getting wet!

Eclipsing Fog –Vampires can conjure this spell to cause a chilly fog to form over the town and cool even the hottest summer day. It also makes it easier for your fanged friends to find willing snacks.

Reviving Sprinkle –Who says rainy days have to be dreary? When fairies create this spring shower of blossoms, all the gardens in the Sims’ world are instantly revived and cared for. Of course, no fairy magic would be complete without a rainbow at the end!

Hunter’s Storm – Werewolves are great hunters to begin with, but this magical storm gives them even more of an edge. Collectable items fall with the snow and your lupine Sims have a much better chance of sniffing them out as they stalk through the icy drifts.

*Weather Stone will appear in all worlds, except for those from The Sims 3 World Adventures.