Post 3 – Oops, its been a long time!


Its been a long time since I last posted here, sorry for that! Computer issues and lack of imagination has kept me away from building. Now, I’ve got some fresh intel for you.

Its now almost mid-April and the website’s still aren’t ready for opening. But its close now. The progress has been great on the review website but not on the Projects site. So I’ll open the Review site first and the Projects site at a later date.

You won’t see it open before April 26th as I will travel to Italy on Thursday next week. But I’ll try to open it before May!

So, let’s begin. Membership. While making my website I came up with the idea of a free site membership. What this means is that you register on the website and get this set of benefits:

– Two game giveaways every single month. Includes Sid Meier’s Railroads!, Euro Truck Simulator and Trainz Simulator 2012!

– One or two weeks early access to all reviews

– Early access to most some downloads. Note: All downloads will be available to everyone within two weeks after first release

+ More to come!

Sounds good, right? There’s even more to come for members in the future!

New Cities in Motion 2 map. ALPHA version

Another announcement!I will be releasing a completely new map for Cities in Motion 2 a few days after opening of the projects site. Alpha footage can be viewed on my Steam profile: Vinolik .SWE.

Hope you liked this update!