Post 2 – General info

   This time, I will share some general info about the new site. First off, there will be two websites. One will be for reviews only and one for the rest. I had to do this as there won’t be enough room for so many pages on one website. Vinolik’s Reviews will feature reviews and Vinoliks Gaming Website will have the rest.

   Now, I wanted to write more about the mods/downloads part of the site. The “Recommended mods” page will feature links to other good mod-sites. I will recommend mods that I have used and tested. Additionally, there will also be this page called “Projects/Concepts” where I show up my concepts for new content, whether its site- or game related. Of course you can download all my content from my site directly or indirectly (via Mediafire).

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more info! The website is opening soon I promise 😀

/ Vincent aka Vinolik