New post series – New intel on reviews

I’m now starting with a new series of posts, giving you intel on how my new website will be. You can expect previews, surprises and much more! I really hope your’e gonna like the website when it opens!

In this Issue nr.1 I’m gonna talk about reviews. I will do reviews on most of my games and most of the DLC/expansion packs. As I’m not a great writer, I will start off with quite short reviews. But I hope I will develop in english writing and become better!
Hardware will also be reviewed. At the moment, this includes mouse, keyboard, speakers and one computer case.

The reviews will be written like this:
Text explaining what the product is. After that, more in-depth on what I think about different things etc. It will end with a conclusion/summary and a score from 0 to 5. Additionally, the review ends with a “pros” and “cons” list (optional).

Games rated as 3 (Good) will receive the “Good game-Good buy” badge.If a game is rated as 5 (Masterpiece), it will receive the “Masterpiece-Must buy” badge.

Stay tuned for more info soon!