SimsVIP’s Q&A + Exclusive Screenhsots

SimsVIP has shared their Q&A from The Sims UK

The Sims 3 University Life Producer Interview with Argus Hulin

This Skype interview was conducted by Hannah Lord, UK Maxis Community Manager, with The Sims 3 Assistant Producer, Argus Hulin, who is based at Electronic Arts at the Salt Lake City studio.

Q1) Is there a choice of Universities your Sims can go to, or is there one University where all the Sims go to study & party?

Argus: There’s just one University but your Sims won’t want to go anywhere else! The university architecture has been designed with European influence so it’s really beautiful.

Q2) Can you go inside the classrooms & lectures with your Sim?

Argus: There are some activities that do and some that don’t. The venues are not all like in The Sims 2 University, in that lectures and other class activities take place outside the rabbit whole.

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