Store world: Aurora Skies Fact Sheet *Updated Feb 6*

1. Introduction   2. Community Blogs   3. Premium Content   4. Screenshots *NEW*

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Coming to Store on February 21


1. Introduction

Welcome to the Sims 3 Aurora Skies official discussion thread. Check out the page for information on Aurora Skies, and join the discussion!

Explore the breathtaking scenery and vast, unspoiled nature that await you at Aurora Skies! This quaint, coastal town features the very best in outdoor living: grow your family on spacious land and houses surrounded by an eco-friendly community, traipse under majestic, towering waterfalls that come to rest on the banks of a large, steaming geothermal lake sky, or take a night hike under the dome of the bright, multi-colored sky. It’s the ultimate getaway for Sims searching for change, searching for themselves, or searching for a piece of peace.

What will you find at Aurora Skies?


When does Aurora Skies come out?
The Sims 3 Aurora Skies comes out February 21, 2013 in the Sims 3 Store.

Can I use my simpoints to buy Aurora Skies?

Will The Sims 3 Aurora Skies be available in retail stores?

Will there be a gold and standard version? 
Yes! You’ll find out more details about the gold and standard versions as we get closer to the release date.

Can I gift the Aurora Skies to my friends?

Check out my latest blog regarding my thoughts on The Sims 3 Aurora Skies! With even more screenshots!


2. Community Blogs

Just announced yesterday is the all-new digital world, The Sims 3 Aurora Skies. Here you will discover breathtakingly beautiful sites set in a quaint, coastal town that features the very best of outdoor living.

Sims that live here can take a soothing swim in the steaming geothermal lake.

Hike up to the edges of towering waterfalls and take in the astounding views of Aurora Skies – or swim to the base of the waterfall to revitalize mind, body and spirit through the pureness of this setting.

Additionally, Sims looking for a romantic evening can take a night stroll under the dome of the vibrant, multi-colored sky.

Lastly, Sims will settle in nicely with the diversity of new-aged and  and historic homes, featuring the best of eco-friendly living.

The Sims 3 Aurora Skies is the ultimate getaway for Sims searching for a change of pace, searching for the great outdoors or searching for themselves.

For those that have The Sims 3 Seasons installed, check out what The Sims 3 Aurora Skies looks like in winter!

The Sims 3 Aurora Skies will be available for digital download from The Sims 3 Store on February 21, 2013! For more information on Aurora Skies, and to join the discussion – click here!

If you would like to see more of this beautiful new world, save the date for The Sims 3 Live Broadcast on Thursday, February 14 at 10:00 AM PST. We’ll be revealing a sneak peek of the world during the show and also featuring an extended bonus demo of Aurora Skies afterwards, so be sure to stay tuned.


I can finally say it – we have a new world coming out, and it’s called The Sims 3 Aurora Skies!!

There are so many aspects of this world that are amazing – but I’ll leave a few of the details for the weeks to come.

My favorite thing about Aurora Skies? Hands down? The northern lights (or Aurora Borealis to some).  If you have any cloud cover at night in Aurora Skies – you’ll see the northern lights. The more clouds in the sky – the brighter it looks — up to a certain point! Thick, stormy clouds won’t show the northern lights. If you watch the skies long enough, you’ll notice that it’ll change colors as well.

Another thing that I really like about this world is the fact that there’s so much natural beauty. There’s steam actually rising from the geothermal lake, you walk to the edge of the waterfall and get an amazing view of the entire world, and the houses are enormous – which is perfect since I like building large families.

That’s all I’m going to divulge for now regarding Aurora Skies. You’ll find more about premium content and the venues soon. Keep your eyes peeled!

Don’t forget to get The Sims 3 Aurora Skies when it comes out on the Sims 3 Store on February 21, 2013.


3. Premium Content

Click here for more info and screens on premium content!


4. Screenshots *NEW*

This Theater (shown below) is a rabbit hole