SimGuruGraham talk about CAS items in Seasons

Via SimGuruGraham – Thanks to iSims Sweden

SimGuruGraham have answered a Tweet, where a simmer asked: “One more about teens, they are basically smaller versions of adults, so why not give us teen versions of adult SP clothing?”. 

SimGuruGraham’s answer: “If teen clothing conversions were “free” you’d certainly get more of them, but they’re not. Them being smaller versions of adults helps, but any adult asset still has to have significant work done to it to convert it to teen (or elder).Each project has a set budget and man hours assigned to it for character artists that we can’t go over… so ultimately it becomes a choice between more unique assets or more age conversions. If you’ll notice in Seasons, there are a lot more age conversions for clothing, giving teens and elders (as well as children and toddlers) more clothing than they typically receive in a product. The community was fairly vocal that they felt there weren’t enough unique CAS assets in Seasons, but it’s a direct result of there being more age conversions. Perhaps there’s a good discussion to be had amongst the community if they’d prefer more unique assets for adults, or less unique assets but more age conversions so the clothing could be used for more ages. Of course for expansions (I can’t speak for SPs) we try and provide a range of assets across all ages, but it does trend towards adults for the reasons explained above.”