Clothing & Accessories by Jacob Kok coming soon

Thanks to SimsNieuws for the tip!

The Sims Netherlands has posted a press release for Jacob Kok’s “Paradise” collection. You can check out his website here. There is no info on when or in what form this will be released but I assume that we will be informed shortly.

The Sims 3 stores teamed with fashion designer Jacob Cook, winner of Project Catwalk 2011. On January 23, 2013 – the opening night of the 18th Amsterdam Fashion Week – he shows his collection PARADISE press and visitors.

With PARADISE Jacob Cook continues his research into the meaning of fashion in the virtual world. “We are a large part of the day in a virtual domain. I’m interested in the way we view ourselves online through our alter egos present. I find it very exciting to work with The Sims to find a balance between physical and virtual collections. “

Pien Ooms, Sr.. Product Manager EA Netherlands: ‘Sims players are very interested in fashion items and accessories in their game. Several strong brands and celebrities like Katy Perry have previously worked with The Sims, but this collaboration with a specific fashion designer in the Netherlands for the first time. “

 Translated text – Source: Jacob Kok’s Blog

Jacob Kok