Monte Vista Fact Sheet *Updated*

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Store – 6th December

Retail – 8th January

Two Simpoint bundles will include Monte Vista

– $20 Simpoint Bundle – includes 100 Simpoints + Monte Vista

– $35 Simpoint Bundle –includes 1900 Simpoints + Monte Vista


New info and screens from SimGuruSmitty

Hi there!

I thought I’d take some time while recuperating from my Thanksgiving over-eating, the craziness from Digital Monday, and the fun from the Monte Vista Producer’s Broadcast to talk about everything that’s been going on the past few days. It’s been wild!

On Tuesday the 27th, Lisa and Sarah did a great job showing everyone the world, and even sneaked a view of a pool mosaic they weren’t suppose to show! But it’s alright. You’ll hear more about that soon enough.

If you missed the broadcast, set aside some time and definitely check it out.

Also, if you’re JUST finding out right now that you missed the Digital Monday sales, the Store has left the majority of the items from the sales category up at a lower discount. Check it out here.

Additionally, make sure everyone remembers that Monte Vista will only be sold for real cash. For those of you wondering what a world simpoint bundle looks like – refer to Barnacle Bay’s simpoint bundle on the Store’s simpoint bundle page. Monte Vista will be set up almost exactly the same way. And yes, it’ll be $20 instead of the normal 2450 simpoints you see for worlds.

Another question I saw circulating around was whether people could gift Monte Vista. Unfortunately, at this time you can’t. I’m bummed about it as well, but hopefully we can make that change in the future (it would be awhile).

+New Screenshots below!

SimGuruSmitty has also confirmed that there will be a Monte Vista themed simpoint bundle (similar to the starfish bundle from Sunlit Tides and a new venue

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About and Features

Discover a landscape rich with charm and money, where villas featuring sweeping views dot the gently rolling hills. Explore the vibrant community by visiting renowned museums, taking a stroll across the piazza, or learning the culinary arts on an authentic wood-fire oven. In The Sims 3 Monte Vista you’ll gain the inspiration of a culture that has influenced generations. Will your Sims find the inspiration to fuel their culinary fires?

*All-New Gameplay Object* The Wood Fire Oven – Expand your Sims’ culinary world with new recipes! Make a variety of Breads, Calzones, Lasagnas and Pizzas!

A Whole New World Awaits – Meet new Sims, explore new locations, and experience the gorgeous views of Monte Vista!

Exclusive New Items – Customize your game with dozens of all-new exclusive objects and clothing that are only available in Monte Vista.

Sims 2 Legacy Family – Meet the Monty Family from Veronaville! Before they started their dire feud with the Capps, the Monty family spent their time whiling away their days peacefully in Monte Vista.


History of Monte Vista

The town it’s self is very old. The walled city is left over from the medieval days and you can see a lot of the architecture within the city is older, or is a blend of old and modern. The citizens of Monte Vista have worked really hard to preserve their culture into the modern era. Obviously as time went on the population grew and they couldn’t all live within the city walls, so citizens started to live along the road that winds down from town. Eventually Sims settled in the rolling hills and the country estates further away from town.

Some key Sims in the world…

Constanzo Rossi is the mayor of Monte Vista. He is a jolly fellow who is well liked and respected, even though he is fairly young. He is married to Adalina, who is pretty and very feminine. They are expecting their first child.

There is Jalissa Rivers (I love her name!) who is a musical genius and socialite. She is dating the fashionable, world renowned chef, Gino Ferrari.

There is a criminal underworld in Monte Vista (in fact, the criminal rabbithole in this world looks like a *normal* building and it’s at the center of town – fictionally the organized crime has been going on here for a long time, and there is a certain level of acceptance. These criminals don’t have to hide in an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town!)
The criminal kingpin is Dante Costa. He is very intelligent and utterly devoted to his family. His wife is Giovanna (she is pregnant) and they have two children, Cipriana (another name I love!) and Victoria.
The Mancini Brothers – Camillo and Carlo – were formerly rich businessmen, but they lost everything to sly tycoon Su Lin Chang and have turned to a life of crime (and art forgery!) to support themselves. They lost their family home and are very bitter about it.

We have a noblewoman, Nicoletta Lombardi, who is the last in a long line of nobles. Over the years her family fortune has been squandered and now she is alone and poor…but she is ambitious and is entering the political arena to try to win back fame and fortune. She has a crush on her neighbor, David Haynes. David is on vacation with his friend Jayden – they are both hot male models trying to travel incognito and enjoy a vacation in sunny Monte Vista!

And, of course, we have plenty of regular families too…but I think my favorites are usually the Sims who have lots of drama going on in their lives, hehe.


Live Chat – Replay

The Sims 3 Monte Vista Producers Live Chat

Join us on November 27th, 2012 at 10:00am PST for The Sims 3 Monte Vista Live Broadcast! Get an in-depth walkthrough of the beautiful world of Monte Vista from Producers Lisa Smith and Sarah Holding and get a chance to ask them questions about the world!

Click here to view the replay!


Screenshots (NEW!)

Monte Vista Screenshot

Monte Vista Screenshot

Monte Vista Screenshot

Monte Vista Screenshot

Monte Vista Screenshot

Monte Vista Screenshot

Monte Vista Screenshot

Monte Vista Screenshot

Monte Vista Screenshot

Monte Vista Screenshot

Monte Vista Screenshot



1. What is a Simpoint Bundle?
A Simpoint Bundle is typically used for purchasing Simpoints, the virtual currency of The Sims 3 that can be used in the Sims 3 Store. Simpoint Bundles are also used for purchase of some worlds, like Barnacle Bay and soon-to-be Monte Vista.

2. Why is Monte Vista sold for real cash instead of Simpoints?
We wanted to give customers the option to purchase this world in retail stores. This legally requires all versions of the world to be sold for real cash.

3. Why do you have a $35 Simpoint Bundle?
Monte Vista will not include a venue. With the release of some amazing venues lately, we want to make sure you have the option to purchase a venue separately without having to buy two simpoint bundles.

5. Will I be able to buy Monte Vista in game?
Yes, Monte Vista will be available for purchase through the In Game Store as a simpoint bundle.