Digital monday sales sneak peek

Via Official Forums

SimGuru Tatertot V2 here, bringing you a sneak peek of what to expect for our Digital Monday Sales!

The Sims 3 Store will be celebrating Digital Monday Sales from November 26 at 12am PST to November 26 at 11:59pm PST. Expect discounts of 50%-75% off Premium Content (even ones that haven’t been peel off yet!), sets, and even a venue. On top of that, we’re hosting another 24-hour of Power Daily Deals rotation, where you’ll be seeing discounts of up to 90% off!

The schedule for 24-Hour of Power Daily Deals is below:

12am PST: Tip Top Toddler Collection
1am PST: Happily Ever After
2am PST: Jazz Age Living Room + Jazz Age Wear
3am PST: Go All In Compilation
4am PST: The Complete Castle by Castle Kits, Inc.
5am PST: Full Interior Castle Set
6am PST: Enchanted Bundle of Dark Dealing
7am PST: Glitter and Glam + Diva and Divo
8am PST: Surprise Set!
9am PST: Laganaphyllis Simnovorii (aka The Cow Plant)
10am PST: Aims Co. Choc-O-Falls Fountain
11am PST: Surprise Venue!
12pm PST: Ultra Lounge 2010
1pm PST: November 2011 Compilation Set
2pm PST: India Inspirations Collection
3pm PST: Surprise Premium Content Set!
4pm PST: BIG Surprise!
5pm PST: MultiTab 6000
6pm PST: Frost-Bite Pro Ice Cream Machine
7pm PST: Sizzle Baby Pro Deep Fryer
8pm PST: Vertical Challenge Rock Wall
9pm PST: Technophobe No More
10pm PST: Japanese Inspired Living Compilation
11pm PST: Go All In Compilation

See you then!