New Seasons previews

SimsVIP’s Preview from the UK Seasons Event


November 2nd was a beautiful, sunny, autumnal morning in the UK. It was ironic that a few short hours later, I would have my first “hands on” experience with the Sims 3 Seasons. For the first time in this third iteration of the Sims series, I would be able to replicate any weather condition the day might throw at me. On this particular day Mother Nature gave me… sun!

Jogging in snow


Duckpeggie’s screenshots from the UK Seasons Event


TheSimsHub’s Preview from the UK Seasons Event

Last Friday I was invited to EA’s UK offices in Guildford to check out Seasons. Whilst I was there I took some screenshots for you all. I imagine you’ve probably seen all of this stuff before, but hey, more can’t hurt can it? I won’t be writing up a preview because it will be information you have heard many times before, but I will say that the details the developers have gone into is astounding and the pack will change the way you play. You won’t want to go back to having no weather, that’s for sure. View the images after the jump.

I’d like to thank EA UK for the opportunity. I enjoyed it a lot and met some cool people in the community. Here’s to hopefully more to come!