No news for some days…

There wont be any news writing for some days now because I’m going on vacation. I will write about the new features in the new 1.42 patch for The Sims 3 which includes diving boards! YAY! Hope you will all have a great week! 😀

1.42 Patch Notes – Link to Patch

Base Game Updates

  • Greeting Cards feature has been added. Sims can take a picture using the Greeting Card feature and share it on, Facebook, or Twitter.

  • Attraction System has been added. This is a new initial romantic system that provides bonuses to socialization and romance when the Sim is attracted by certain attributes.

  • Sims can now swim in the ocean.

  • Diving Board object has been added to Build Mode.

  • Blueprint tool has been added to Buy/Build Mode. User’s may quickly place down furnished rooms with this tool.

  • Resolved Player Profile and Wall issue where clicking on a user’s name brought up a blank profile.

  • Badges earned by completing achievements will now appear on your MyPage on

  • The moon’s glow on the UI will no longer appear when starting a new game without The Sims 3 Supernatural installed.

World Adventures Updates

  • Fixed an issue where fish placed in the Sims inventory will no longer disappear when Sims travel back from a vacation world.

  • Fixed an issue where sound was getting dropped out when Sims are learning a song.

Pets Updates

  • Fixed a galloping animation issue with Horses that has level 10 Racing skill.

Showtime Updates

  • Sims must now have some positive relationship before asking other Sims to take photos in the “Gigi Photo Booth”.

Supernatural Updates

  • Saving and loading during a full moon cycle before 6pm will no longer cause the moon cycle to skip forward.

  • Feral Change buff will now expire for werewolf on various lunar cycle settings.

  • Addressed an animation issue in the Smustle dance.

  • Toadified Sims will route fail less often when trying to eat flies on counters or large tables.

  • Writing fiction book will display proper text.

  • Fairy children will no longer stretch into adult size when using the “Talk to Plant” interaction.

  • Fixed an issue where Woohoo in the Gypsy Caravan wish is not fulfilled when Sims Woohoo in the Gypsy Caravan.

  • Improved routing issues with the Fairy House.

  • Sending an elixir from the household inventory to a friend now fulfills the “Send an Elixir to a Friend” wish.

  • The “Gift of Giving” buff and Lifetime Happiness Points are now given when gifting an elixir from the household inventory.

  • When gifting an elixir from the household inventory only one elixir is sent instead of two.

  • Wall post will be created when a user opens a mystery gift containing Simoleons.

  • Create-A-Sim UI flow fixed so that the use can no longer access other Create-A-Sim menus while eye color picker is still open.

  • Fairy Bloom interaction will now work with the Omni Plant from The Sims 3 base game.

  • Sims that were turned into SimBots via an elixir will no longer revert back to human form after WooHoo in the Gypsy Caravan.

  • Fixed issues with Supernatural children genetics.

  • “Sweeten Up” interaction can now be completed on Birthday Inferno Cake.

  • Fixed an issue when selecting werewolf to transform while being struck by a witch’s fire blast.

  • Fixed flickering issue on objects after performing the “Midas Touch” interaction.

  • “Midas Touch” interaction will now be able to turn a zombie into a statue.

  • Fixed an issue with conversion spells turning inexpensive items into expensive items.

  • Fixed an issue when trying to buy a SimBot with Lifetime Happiness Points.

  • Turning off the “Spectrum Mood Lamp” will now properly return Sims to their original color.

Store Updates

  • Fixed a potential crash with the launcher that could occur after uninstalling Lucky Palms.

  • Fixed an issue where Store Set icons would appear incorrectly in the Organize Collections pop-up window.

  • Worlds can now be purchased on the Main Menu.