SimGuruGraham answers more Seasons questions!

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Thanks to everyone for all of the great questions you submitted prior to, during and after the Maxis Live Broadcast earlier this month. We all wanted to answer another round of your questions that we weren’t able to get to during the live broadcast to try and give you the information you’re looking for about The Sims 3 Seasons.

While we’re really focused on making all the great games we have coming up, we’ll still always try and find time to answer the things that are important to you!

Thanks again, let’s get to them!

1. Do you have to purchase both Supernatural and Seasons at the exact same time in order to have access to the Weather Stone?
No. As long as you have both games and have each one installed, you will have access to the Weather Stone. It unlocks within the game when you have both installed! More details can be found here:

2. Will aliens be available in CAS in The Sims 3 Seasons?
You can’t create an alien in CAS, but you will be able to do things like changing their clothes or their hairstyle once you add an alien to your household.

3. Will there be new potions in The Sims 3 Seasons if we have The Sims 3 Supernatural?
There aren’t any new potions as Seasons really focuses on weather, festivals, and brand new holidays. However, players with Supernatural will be able to have their characters interact with the Weather Stone to alter the weather in unique ways.

4. Will NPC’s visit your house on spooky day?
Trick-or-treating is one of the best parts of Spooky Day! Other Sims from around the neighborhood will show up in costumes looking for candy, so be sure to hang out near the door.

5. Will costumes be a new style, like swimwear and every day?
Outerwear is the new clothing category that comes with Seasons. When selecting a costume for Spooky Day, you can choose from a wide variety of costumes for your Sim to instantly change into, or go into CAS and put together a costume from any of the categories for your Sims to wear.