Festival locations in all worlds

Via SimGuruGraham

Hey everyone,

I just wanted people to know there’s no need to panic and rush out to save existing lots. Any lot that we’re replacing with a festival lot will have the original version of the lot also available in the edit town lot bin.

That being said, if you’ve customized the lot that we intend to replace with a festival I would recommend saving that lot in advance should you want to continue using it somewhere. Further, the game will ask you if you want to replace any customized lot; it won’t automatically overwrite one of your lots.

Sunset Valley = Central Park
Twinbrook = Town Center
Bridgeport = Bridgeport Acres
Appaloosa Plains = The Lexington (home)
Starlight Shores = Verde Park
Moonlight Falls = Eerie Park
Riverview = “All the Rave” Warehouse
Barnacle Bay = Crowe’s Nest Campgrounds
Hidden Springs = Beryl Lane Picnic Spot
Lunar Lakes = Memories of Riverview
Lucky Palms = Civic Center
Sunlit Tides = Starfish Sands Playground