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3. March 1 – Regarding opening of new website

I have some new information on my upcoming website. Firstly, I think I don’t think I will have enough time to open my website this month, but April should be fine. This is due to the “Nationella prov” (National tests) running this month. There’s a still much work to be done on the new website. If your’e willing to help me in writing reviews or news when the website do open, please contact me >>See contact options above<<.

More info to be revealed in the coming days! Stay tuned!


4. February 23 – New site preview is here!

This preview shows images of my new site project. The website is not nearly done so don’t expect to much! The layout will probably stay this way, I really like it. Tell me what you think! Email me or comment below! The first image shows how it looks now and second shows an old alpha build in early 2013. Click on them for bigger view


Alpha Version


5. February 11 info update

As you might have seen here and on the changelog page, I have made much progress. Not very much left except making new pages for the new expansions and the stuff pack. I first wanted to show the preview earlier in Februrary but changed my mind as I wanted most of the layout to be done. The preview will come later this month.


6. Older info

January info update (Jan 19)

Current image issues and site project preview coming in February!

Regarding images: I am aware of the issues with missing images. I am looking into this and will try to fix it. As I don’t have all the images on my computer, nor on Flickr, it will take some time.

Site project: I have made much progress on my new website in the recent days and can show a preview of it in February. The website’s layout and appearance is still in Alpha but most content is done. It won’t come with many reviews at opening but they will be written after opening when I won’t have to concentrate on layout (EDIT: The website will be coming with reviews included). In the coming months I will finish the site’s layout to have a base to stand on. After that I will try to find issues and fix those before opening. Regarding what content it will have I can write you a list of some of it:

- Reviews for some of the many games I own as well as DLC & Expansions I own. These include The Sims 3, simulators and Total War games. I will also write reviews on my gaming gear (Hardware) such as keyboard, speaker and steering wheel.

- Downloads and recommended mod-sites. I will write about the mods and programs I use. I will also upload all my creations for direct download from the website

- News - I will cover some news from my whole gaming collection. Some games get more attention depending on my own interest.


New Year’s Update 2014:

Plans for this year

Hello there! This is site admin cityguysims, from now on using vinolik as my internet name. I have received messenges from people wondering if this website will be deleted from the web. My answer is, I have plans :D. I really don’t want to remove this as the website still is viewed more than 300 times/month and it feels stupid and rude to just close the site. I’m very pleased to see people using the resources this site provides, such as lists over free Store content and getting help with my tutorials on how to get registration rewards.

My plans are to keep this site as a resource site until the views goes down to zero. I will be updating this site to make it more accessible and to make it easier for people to find what they’re looking for. My new website, though, will get most of my attention, so I can get it ready for opening as soon as possible. If my plans go right, it should be ready around March-April, but it might be ready either before or after that. Thanks for reading this quick update.


Fall/winter Update 2013:

Info from site founder Cityguysims (now vinolik)

I’m really sorry to say that the SimsDawn/Simnet project is no longer being worked on. I, also known as Cityguysims or Vinolik, will no longer run any Sims or Simcity related website. This is mostly because I no longer find the Sims series interesting and Simcity is the worst game I have ever played. And some of you already know what I think about the non-curved-walls-and-cartoonish-Sims 4. Another reason is that that I wont be able to have any of those exclusive previews like many other fansites to get that extra push. My website grew through quite aggressive advertisement, I think, and I don’t want to work that way anymore.

I’m really really sorry for all the promises through these years, that I never fulfilled, all the website projects stuff I never finished.

You wont be seeing much of me in the Sims world, but if you play other games like Battlefield, Company of Heroes or even Simulators like Farming and Train, I hope to meet you again! :D

I wish you all, Happy Simming!



simsdawn beta
SimsDawn Logo

All info in this post is subject to change.

*Note that this is Beta version and is still testing. All content is subject to change.

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